Washington, DC, Show Brings Jolt of Electric Fun and Innovation!

It was a summer spectacle like no other—the much-anticipated Electrify Expo finally made its dazzling debut in the heart of Washington, DC. The East Coast had never seen such an event before, as the festival took the city by storm with cutting-edge EVs, e-bikes, and much more! RFK Stadium Festival Grounds welcomed nearly 13,000 lucky visitors who were given the opportunity to take electrifying test drives and rides.

Electrify Showoff in DC was a true celebration of the creative minds of custom EV enthusiasts.

TEAM Ruined EV dominated the trophy haul with the best crew and multiple best vehicles. Who will be able to catch up to them?

BJ Birtwell, the founder and CEO of Electrify Expo declared, “There’s no better way to convince consumers to embrace EVs than putting them behind the wheel or on the seat of these amazing electric rides. Our momentum continues with or other events in the country later this year, and we can’t wait to make an even bigger splash!”

But it wasn’t just about showcasing the incredible vehicles; Electrify Expo executives also seized the chance to meet with members of Congress and federal agencies. The discussions revolved around the vital importance of EV education, overcoming obstacles to mass electrification, and the undeniable need for consumers to experience the sheer joy of going electric first-hand.

Throughout the event, experts and industry leaders discussed the future of EV education, the challenges of mass electrification, and the crucial role of consumer experiences in driving the transition to electric vehicles.
Congrats to Artur Kustusch’s for converting his luxo-barge Jaguar XJR. Since we featured his 1998 British beauty in our Spring 2023 issue, he’s fine-tuned the drivetrain and even built a transparent display in the trunk to show off his system. Well-deserved Best Conversion Prize.

Full EV Lineup

Now, brace yourself for the jaw-dropping range of electric vehicles that set attendees’ hearts aflutter! BMW unleashed its breathtaking i7, iX xDrive50, iX M60, i4 eDrive 35, i4 eDrive 40, and i4 M50 models. Ford made waves with its Mach-E and F-150 Lightning. Kia rolled in with the sleek EV9, EV6, and Niro EV. Volvo proved its mettle with the XC40 Recharge and XC90 Recharge, while Volkswagen’s ID.Buzz and ID.4 dazzled the crowd with their cutting-edge designs. But, of course, Tesla stole the show with its iconic “S, 3, X, Y” lineup.

Industry’s Heavy Hitters

The show brought the whole OEM EV industry along. To kick things off, Yokohama’s FC-1 Nitro Rallycross electric race car stole the spotlight, captivating everyone with its performance and sleek design. Meguiar’s stand welcomed AJ Velasco’s superb Tesla Model 3, and STEK, the official coating sponsor, took things to a whole new level with its advanced protective coatings shown on a superb custom Rivian R1S and two stunning Porsche Taycans. They ensured that those EVs stayed sharp and brand new for years, like a secret shield guarding against wear and tear.

The 2022 Kia EV6 doesn’t need much to stand out: a cool set of wheels and a blackout style, as Jeff Blake demonstrated.

Tire manufacturers brought a fantastic range of tires specially designed for electric vehicles, maximizing performance while keeping things eco-friendly. Among them, Toyo brought Bisi Ezerioha’s killer Porsche and a murdered-out Ford F-150 Lightning. Now, Tesla fans were in for an absolute treat with Charged Up Performance, offering a lineup of Tesla-specific enhancements that made Teslas even cooler! Last but not least, Thule had everyone covered its their innovative bike racks and cargo carriers, specially crafted for electric vehicles.

Wonder why AJ Velasco’s Tesla Model 3 won the show? Read everything about it starting on page 66 in this issue! #allsteelwidebody!
There’s cool, and there’s ‘‘I’ve got a carbon and glass hood on my ‘bagged Tesla’’ cool!

Let’s Talk Retrofit!

While the panel of converted-to-EV was smaller than the fantastic turnout at the Long Beach, California, edition, the vehicles showcased were of top level! Notably Artur Kustusch’s 1998 Jaguar XJR, powered by a Lexus GS450H drivetrain (featured in EV Builder’s Guide, Issue 03, Spring 2023), earning him the award, while Blake Rhodes and his eye-catching 1962 Volkswagen Bug, built by Twisted Voltage in Northern Virginia, also impressed the judges with a perfect blend of classic vibes and modern efficiency, securing him the Best Coupe award.

The Electrify Showoff in DC was a true celebration of the creative minds and passionate hearts of custom EV enthusiasts. The event pulsated with energy and excitement, showcasing how far the world of electric vehicles has come and how much further it can go. But this extravaganza was not just about showcasing the latest EV innovations—it was also a platform for sparking conversations about the importance of sustainable mobility. Check out the next events on ElectrifyExpo.com

Blake Rhodes brought the cutest car of the show, his 1962 VW Bug, presented by Twisted Voltage from Northern Virginia. They got the Best Coupe award thanks to a superb drivetrain setup and restoration work.
MC, Neil Tjin, and overall winner AJ Velasco
J Kagai Kinyua killed it wrapping this Model 3—he won the Best Wrap by Stek award.

EEDC Award Winners

The Electrify Showoff honored top custom EV stars who electrified the crowd with their remarkable rides. Let’s meet the outstanding award recipients:

  • Best EV Conversion
    • Artur Kustusch’s 1998 Jaguar XJR
  • Best Sedan
    • AJ Velasco’s Tesla Model 3
  • Best Coupe
    • Blake Rhodes’ 1962 Volkswagen
  • Best Use of Frunk
    • David Perez
  • Best Audio
    • David Perez
  • Best Interior
    • Herve Fontaine
  • Best Performance
    • Igor Kesilyov
  • Best Wrap by Stek
    • J Kagai Kinyua
  • Best Stance
    • Cesar Zuzunaga
  • Best Wheel Pack by Alloygator
    • Mike Clifford
  • Best SUV
    • Jeff Blake’s 2022 Kia EV6
  • Best Truck
    • Michael Cowan’s Blackout 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning
  • Best Booth Car
    • Charged Up Performance
  • Best Crew
    • Ruined EV
  • Best of Show Presented by Yokohama
    • AJ Velasco’s Tesla Model 3
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Washington, DC, Show Brings Jolt of Electric Fun and Innovation! It was a summer spectacle like no other—the much-anticipated Electrify Expo finally made its dazzling […]

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