Holley High Voltage Experience: Electrifying Action and Innovation Unveiled

An Electrifying Experience

The Holley High Voltage Experience debuted at Sonoma Raceway in Northern California. The location proved especially fitting given its proximity to California’s capital, Sacramento, where the state’s laws are passed. As most everyone knows, California is especially stringent when it comes to emissions laws, but EV swaps offer additional hope to California performance enthusiasts. Since EVs have zero tailpipe emissions, they are exempt from smog testing, meaning that it’s now possible to EV swap your ride and have it exempted from future tests.

Sights and Sounds

Teslas dominated the first-ever event from a numbers standpoint, but that was to be expected considering Northern California is Tesla’s home turf. Unlike events featuring internal combustion engines, Holley’s High Voltage Experience was relatively quiet. Between the occasional gusts of wind, one could hear the screeching of tires and, of course, the whir of electric motors. As someone who is accustomed to electric vehicles, it’s still wild to see cars going fast without the noises normally associated with speed!

An eclectic array of motor setups were on display at the event for spectators to check out and gain ideas from.

Ingenuity and Ideas

The rad thing about being on the ground floor of the EV explosion is that there’s a lot of ingenuity going on at this stage of the industry’s development. An eclectic array of motor setups were present at the event, with plenty of direct drive and transmission-driven vehicles to check out and steal ideas from. And, everyone at the event was more than happy to discuss everything electric and tips for building your own electric vehicle.

Fun for Everyone

Of course, what everyone really came to see was the action, and you could also participate if you wanted to! From road course racing to drifting and even some off-road shenanigans, you could find plenty of ways to have fun, and thankfully plenty of charging stations were available to top off your batteries between sessions.

In addition to Holley, several well-known electric builders and shops were present to show off their talent. Salvage 2 Savage, Rich Rebuilds, and even Bisi Ezerioha of Bisimoto was there with his insane Porsche 935 K3V widebody/slantnose beast. Even Ford Performance was in attendance, racing its Cobra Jet 1400 Mustang on the drag strip and displaying its F-100 Eluminator pickup. Not to be outdone, Current Technology brought out its insane EV dragster to lay down some rubber on the strip.

The Holley High Voltage Experience was an impressive event to attend, and it’s obvious that the next one will be even bigger. We’d suggest going to www.holleyhighvoltage.com now and scooping up some tickets for Round 2, which is taking place on July 9-10. Tickets will only be sold online, so go get yours today!

Of course, what everyone really came to see was the action, and you could also participate if you wanted to! From road course racing to drifting and even some off-road shenanigans, you could find plenty of ways to have fun…

Holley High Voltage Experience,  Round 2

When: July 9-10

Where: Sonoma Raceway, Northern California

Cost: $25/day; $20/day active military discount; kids 16 and under free

Info and Tickets: www.holleyhighvoltage.com

Participants Welcome

Have an EV you’d like to test on the track? Sign up your vehicle for one of these events!

  • Autocross
  • 3S Challenge
  • Drag Racing Classes
  • Road Course Challenge
  • Show-N-Shine Competition
  • Wine Country Cruise

Check out www.holleyhighvoltage.com for more information.

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