London Doctor’s Tesla Model X Transformation: From Skeptic to Electric Marvel

Brit Doctor Facelifts the Model X to Perfection

Andrew Dharman, a London-based general practitioner, admits it was originally his wife, Kasiika, who suggested they get a Model X, but adds, that at the time, “I was like, no way! They’re electric!” He had never even considered owning an electric car because he was so enamored with the power of gas. Interestingly, he now absolutely loves the power of batteries. 

Andrew transformed his Model X into a truly unique masterpiece thanks to the wide arch kit, bespoke wheels, and carbon-fiber accents

Coming from a background of owning powerful German autobahn cruisers, it was only natural for Andrew to be skeptical about going fully electric.

‘‘One of my BMW builds was featured in ‘Fast & Furious 6,’” Andrew proudly reveals. “Shaking hands with Vin Diesel was the pinnacle of car modification culture for me. It was an unforgettable moment.”

The Model X is unlike any other car out there. You enter through the eccentric falcon wing doors and are greeted by the expansive windshield surrounding your head. The rest of the interior feels like a spaceship. However, none of these visual aspects truly won Andrew.

‘‘I was still unsure whether it could provide the excitement I craved,” he says.

Custom 11×22-inch 6AD multi-piece forged rims have a rotational design, with reverse rotation on the left wheels and forward rotation on the right ones.

Becoming a Chargehead

But, Andrew quickly began to appreciate the advantages of an electric drivetrain.

“I knew I had to have the car as soon as I shifted the stalk into drive and it shot forward,” he exclaims. The torque is phenomenal. It’s smooth and effortless. It felt different. It wasn’t the V-10 I was used to, but something far more thrilling. The mind-bending speed and incredible handling made it feel more like a sporty hatchback than a two-ton seven-seater.”

The interior received a touch of luxury with custom seatbacks and a carbon-fiber steering wheel, further enhancing the overall experience.

And so, Andrew was convinced. His strong skepticism crumbled like a house of cards, and in no time, a White Model X was parked in his driveway, taunting the petrol-powered relics it shared its new home with.

Andrew wasted no time envisioning how to enhance and personalize the vehicle to suit his taste.

“I took inspiration from a few Model Xs in the US that sported the Revozport kit, so I reached out to the company owner, Charles Wan, as no Teslas in the UK had the kit at the time,” Andrew says. “I didn’t order all the parts as I had my vision for the car and didn’t want it to be too extreme.”

The Model X came with factory air suspension, and Andrew added Evolution Airmatic lowering links to retain full functionality while achieving a lower ride height on demand. The wheel arches were then filled with a set of Vossen 22-inch wheels, meticulously considering the choice of Continental SportContact 6 tires, as the intention was always to push the Tesla to its limits.

Andrew’s journey from a devoted petrolhead to an EV fan showcases the transformative power of innovation and the allure of cutting-edge technology.

“I’ve embarked on a few Euro roadtrips over the past couple of years, traversing Holland, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, and France,” he enthuses. “Using Tesla Superchargers is free, and it takes about 30 minutes to get around 250 miles of charge. There are far more Superchargers across Europe than in the UK, and the car conveniently indicates the nearest ones. My most unforgettable roadtrip was with Urban Racers through Switzerland to Lake Como. It was an incredibly exhilarating experience. The Tesla performed admirably, effortlessly keeping pace with supercars without breaking a sweat. And let’s not forget its head-turning factor, especially when those distinctive doors open skyward.”

However, the onset of the COVID pandemic and subsequent lockdowns abruptly halted Andrew’s opportunities to showcase his magnificent machine and bask in the admiration it garnered. Never one to miss an opportunity, though, Andrew devised a new plan to further enhance his Tesla and ensure its impact wouldn’t be diminished once the world returned to some semblance of normalcy.

“During the lockdown, I envisioned something truly unique, knowing there weren’t many Model Xs with wide arches,” Andrew explains. “As a matter of fact, this is now the only one of its kind worldwide sporting these modifications.”

The car already boasted the Revosport low line kit, featuring a front splitter, side skirts, rear diffuser, and ducktail spoiler. To augment its appearance, Andrew added a full carbon-fiber wide arch kit, expertly painted to match the body color.

“The wide arches seamlessly align with the existing low line kit, imparting an aggressive look to the X,” he describes.

In keeping with the color-coding theme, Andrew had all the plastic elements repainted in Pearl White Multi-Coat, a triple-layer paint that exudes depth and shimmer under the sunlight.

New Wheels

Naturally, with the addition of the wide arch kit, the previous Vossen 22-inch wheels appeared somewhat inadequate within the newfound muscular wheel arches. The search was on for a more suitably robust alternative. Besides being a doctor, Andrew also manages a distributions company offering the 6AD Forged wheels collection. 6AD Forged specializes in crafting custom lightweight forged wheels tailored to precise specifications.

“The 11×22-inch rims boast a rotational design, with reverse rotation on the left and forward rotation on the right, resulting in subtly distinct appearances from each side,” he elaborates. “The negative offsets are staggered, with -20mm at the rear and -10 up front, resulting in 3-inch and 4-inch lips.

Andrew also treated the Tesla’s futuristic interior to a makeover. The interior refresh included the installation of five custom-made seatbacks in gloss carbon fiber. Also, the steering wheel was replaced with a flat-bottomed carbon-fiber and white variant, perfectly complementing the seven seats and carbon-fiber interior trim that adorns the cabin.

The final touch, reminiscent of Andrew’s roots in the modified car scene, is a full under-car LED kit. It adds a touch of playful flair, harking back to the glory days of car customization.


Andrew Dharman

  • Location: London
  • Model: Tesla Model X 100D
  • Amount of Time to Build: 18 months

Motor & Drivetrain 

  • Battery Pack: 100 kWh lithium-ion
  • Motors: Twin electric motors “uncorked” by Tesla


  • Shocks: Stock air suspension with Evolution Airmatic lowering links

Wheels, Tires & Brakes 

  • Front and Rear Wheels: 11×22-inch 6AD 2.52 multi-piece forged wheels (negative offsets)
  • Front and Rear Tires: 285/30R22 Continental SportContact
  • Front and Rear Brakes: Original brakes, painted red


  • Custom carbon-fiber wide arches (color-coded)
  • Revozport R-Zentric carbon-fiber low-line body kit (front bumper add-ons, side skirts, rear diffuser, ducktail spoiler)
  • Dechrome with satin white 3M wrap
  • Gloss black nose dechrome
  • Partial rear debadging
  • Multi-color under-car neon kit
  • Paint Shop: +G Bodyshop
  • Color: Pearl White Multi-Coat


  • White leather seats
  • Carbon fiber trim upgrade
  • Carbon-fiber seat backs
  • Custom white and carbon fiber steering wheel


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London Doctor's Tesla Model X Transformation: From Skeptic to Electric Marvel

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