Why Teslas Are a Great Choice for Pet Owners

Ask just about any pet owner in this country if their furry companion is a part of the family, and you’ll most likely get a resounding “YES!” We absolutely adore our animals in the US, especially of the dog and cat varieties, and often include them in our household happenings, as well as family outings and vacations.

According to a recent study done by Forbes, 66 percent of Americans have at least one pet in their household. So it should come as no surprise that that major automotive manufacturers are starting to think more and more about how to keep your furry friends safe, whether riding around town or on a family camping trip. The leader of this right now is undeniably Tesla, with several standard features in many of their models meant specifically to keep all of your family members safe, including the four-legged ones.

Check out some of the current Tesla features below that make including your pet in any car trip safer and easier than ever before!

1) Built for Safety

Tesla takes vehicle safety very seriously. In fact, they are on a mission (and accomplishing it!) to produce the safest vehicles on the road, from passive safety to active safety, according to the company’s Vehicle Safety Report. This comes forms ranging from rigidity of the vehicle’s materials and added crumple zones, to on-board driver assistance technology. It also goes as far as Tesla’s battery packs, which are manufactured not only to hold up in a crash situation, but also contain a fire and dissipate heat away from the vehicle’s cabin if catastrophic damage to the battery occurred in a wreck.

Since the beginning, Tesla’s  Model 3, Model S, Model X, and Model Y have all ranked among the safest vehicles on the road, receiving consistent 5-star reviews from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Ratings are based on many things, including front and side-impact crash tests, rollover tests, and available safety technology, like lane departure warnings and Dynamic Brake Support.

Additional safety features include 360-degree cameras for unmatched visibility, Autopilot, Automatic Emergency Braking, and so much more. This means a safer vehicle for your family, including your furry companions, while out for a driving, as well as if faced with an interaction with another Tesla model, say out on a walk, or playing with your dog in the front yard.

2) Dog Mode

Introduced on Tesla models in February of 2019, Dog Mode is a climate control and accessory mode setting that comes standard on Tesla’s current Model 3, Model S, Model X, and Model Y offerings through over-the-air updates. Activated through either the touchscreen display on the dash of each vehicle or through the Tesla App as of 2022, Dog Mode allows you to set the inside temperature of your Tesla to a comfortable level if leaving your pets inside while running into a store, or going into your child’s school for a short amount of time, etc.

In this mode, the Tesla’s cabin temperature will be maintained regardless of if it needs heating or cooling. The mode also puts a notice up on the center touchscreen letting concerned citizens that may see your animals in your car know that Dog Mode is active and climate control is on, what the current cabin temperature is, and that the owner will be back shortly.

Dog Mode also offers a camera view of the inside of your vehicle from the infotainment center, so you can look in on your furry friend via the app while completing your errands.

Similarly, Camp Mode maintains cabin temperature for you and your pets all night long, as well as keeps the entertainment system active overnight.

3) Impressive Interiors

Designed with heavy use in mind, the interiors on Tesla models are perfect for the whole family. Not only is the climate control superior with more vents throughout the cabin, Tri-zone temperature controls and HEPA filtration standard, current Tesla models offer interiors with spacious seating and cargo areas, perfect for transporting the whole family to a game, or your four-legged friend to the vet. Vehicle offerings such as the Model Y even have fold-down rear seats for even more room to accommodate your furry friends.

Tesla models also boast quieter cabins thanks to their electric motors, as well as acoustic glass windows and roofs in various models. That is if you’re not blasting your immersive sound system or taking advantage of available on-board rear seat infotainment centers, like available in the Model 3, to keep your fur kids and human kids alike entertained.

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Why Teslas Are a Great Choice for Pet Owners

Ask just about any pet owner in this country if their furry companion is a part of the family, and you’ll most likely get a […]